Arrin Sutliff & Eileen Rae Walsh


It was automatic, in the beginning. I went into the alley, clipped some yellow trumpet and variegated leaves. Clipped some saucer magnolia and flowering quince. My runs, my walks become longer. What edge have I not yet found, teeming with color? Contrasting its surroundings. I began taking notes. Peonies and roses at Dooley and Ellwood. Floyd and Crenshaw (south of Floyd) a variegated camellia. Lilac Michigan and Quincy. Overgrown magnolia E and 6th hitting parked cars.…. Grove and Nansemond giant giant magnolia wow!, Patterson and Cleveland (north of Patterson) double petal hot pink baby.

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Arrin Sutliff is an artist and florist based in DC.

Eileen Rae Walsh is an artist and florist currently based in Richmond.

Twin Jude & Mel-Xochitl Campos Escobar