Hannah Spector

words on longing & belonging

Three works will be presented over the course of six weeks: love of the wolf, most of the goddesses are headless, and circle of longing.

Guided tour of circle of longing:

love of the wolf is a multichannel video based off of a 1998 Hélène Cixous essay, "Love of the Wolf," this video creates an image-repertoire for the inescapable nature of the pain within love. The repetitive, layered narration mimics the mental circularity of anxiety and longing that transpires during the cycle of a relationship. (Video is best viewed in fullscreen with sound on).

Hannah Spector is a text-based video, sound, and performance artist. Her work questions underlying power dynamics within language and seeks to frustrate our usual ways of seeing. Spector uses poetry and poetic action to disrupt our static perception of language. She looks to object theater, the language of film, and linguistic inquiry to create dreamlike situations that utilize sound, text, and image to form nonlinear narratives. Spector's practice creates a multidirectional experience of language and memory. It asks viewers to reform their assumptions—to undo, to redo.

An-Phuong Ly