Open Call for Units of a Dispersed Monument in the Future

(Instructions for Making Bricks at Home)


Papers of “heavy” emotional value (i.e.: immigration information, letters of rejection, newspaper articles, journal entries, bills etc.)


Hot water

Corrugated Cardboard 

Xacto Knife/Scissors



Nitrile Gloves/Mixing Utensil 

From your local hardware/grocery stores, according to availability/depending on chosen recipe:

  • Portland cement / Sand 
  • OR  Mortar Mix  
  • OR Concrete mix
  • OR  Drywall Joint Compound*, Elmer’s Glue, White Flour (*not DAP brand)

Mold Release (Petroleum jelly, Baby oil, Pam, Dish soap, Mold Release, Hot paraffin/beeswax (candles) etc.) & application utensil if needed




Collect papers of “heavy” emotional value 

Tear papers of “heavy” emotional value 

Put ripped pieces in a bowl 

Add hot water

Let soak overnight


Layer and stick two pieces of corrugated cardboard together 

(Fluting should run the opposite direction of each other)

Draw provided mold template onto the laminated cardboard 

Cut along solid lines

Score along dashed lines to create folds

Fold away from the scores to create a box-mold 

Tape along edges (and tape again.)

Tape around the box-mold (and tape again)

Your mold is ready. 


Using a mixer/blender, pulp softened papers of “heavy” emotional value

Fish paper pulp out from the bowl

Squeeze out as much moisture as you can

In a bowl, mix (either one, according to availability):

  • 2:1:1 Cement:Pulp:Sand 
  • 1:1 Mortar Mix:Pulp
  • 1:1 Concrete Mix:Pulp + enough water to make a wet dough/thick slurry
  • 1-1/2:1:3/4:3/4  Pulp:Drywall Joint Compound*:Elmer’s Glue: White Flour

Mix well

Apply some “mold-release” into the mold (Petroleum jelly, Baby oil, Pam, Dish soap, Universal Mold Release, Hot paraffin/beeswax(candles) etc.)

Transfer mixture into mold

Trowel the top

Tap the mold until mixture is evenly distributed


Add Tag with name, contents of papers, location, date 

Leave to set at a well ventilated, dry area. 

Might take 2-5 days


De-mold your brick

Take a photo of your brick in isolation

E-mail the photo to with 

  • Subject Line: BRICK SUBMISSION
  • Name, contents of papers, location, date from the tag in the e-mail body

Keep brick in isolation until further notice


(Upon further notice)

Mail brick to join other bricks at a designated address

Make a monument

Brick Archive:

Sera Boeno

Proposal for a Dispersed Monument in the Future‍

The project provides instructions for making bricks at home. The brick is a site of global connection with a long history dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. As a practice of individual healing, the artist invites the public to pulp papers of heavy personal effect and make these into bricks using a handmade process. For now, the project will live as a virtual archive of individual brick photos in isolation, until one day post-pandemic, they can come together to form a monument of the people.

Images shown here from the series:

  • My O1B Visa Application (Individual with an Extraordinary Ability in the Arts) as Bricks, 2019

Sera Boeno is a sculptor and installation artist from Istanbul based in Philadelphia. Her research-based work centers women’s narratives and is influenced by the socio-politics of her motherland, which she extrapolates to her current setting. Boeno holds a BA from Dartmouth College with degrees in Neuroscience and Studio Art, and an MFA from Rinehart School of Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Arrin Sutliff & Eileen Rae Walsh