Twin Jude & Mel-Xochitl Campos Escobar

ancient fruit (future)

a collection of memories, energetic pathways, and desires continually manifesting in ritual for our desired future. By creating a nonlinear portal, we are able to co-exist with our pasts, while simultaneously envisioning a future in which we are able to carry the seeds of our ancestors and bear fruit through space and time.

Twin Jude (they/them/theirs) is a Portal Being (self-existent gateway to the divine) + budding ethnobotanist co-creating frequencies that birth new conditions and realities for all of life in the here/after. Unbound by illusions of oppressive time constructs, Twin Jude explores space freely; reaching through lapping, layered realms of the future, past, and present as one. 

Mel-Xochitl Campos Escobar also known as The Cosmic Fern, is a multidisciplinary creatress, earthworker + massage therapist centering QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color).By exploring themes of intergenerational healing + decolonizing one’s medicine, Mel-Xochitl participates in holistic wellness, Earth worship, and food sovereignty as points of power, self-autonomy + community interdependance. Mel-Xochitl uses embroidery and jewelry making as a rememberance, reclamation, and reconnection to their ancestors of Nahuat Pipil lineage.  

cevahir c. ozdogan